How or what do I do to start Vaping?

First off I want to start by saying that Vaping is one of the most effective and most enjoyable ways to get you away from the cigarettes. That’s just our opinion. Secondly, everyone who is currently Vaping had to start somewhere just like you. We at iVape are going to be here to help you through every step of the process. Whether you are just starting out or you are a pro at it. This process can be as easy as you let it. If you are willing to take a small amount of time to dedicate to learning about Vaping, you will find that it will be rewarding and well worth it in the end.
With that said, there are many types of “Vapers” (people who vape). One thing that will help you is knowing which type of Vaper you are. You just need to decide which step of the process you are in and how far you are wanting or willing to go to fully enjoy it and stick with it.

Listed below are stages of people who vape. Ask yourself which stage are you in.

  1. You are brand new to the vape world and you have never tried it.
  2. You have tried the smaller disposable ecigs from gas stations and/or you own a vape pen (Kanger eGo, EVOD etc.).
  3. You have a basic starter kit or a basic variable voltage mod (battery) along with an Aspire Nautilus, Kanger AeroTank, ProTank, or an iClear style tank and you replace your atomizers yourself.
  4. You have a sub-ohm (20W-75W) Mod such as a Subox, Eleaf, IPV, Sigelei, etc. with a sub-ohm tank such as an Atlantis, Subtank, Delta II, eGo ONE, Arctic Tank, etc.
  5. You have a regulated sub-ohm box mod (75W-200W), or an unregulated Box Mod or a Mech Mod and an RDA but you don’t build your own coils or wick your own cotton yet.
  6. You own one of the above devices/kits with either a tank or an RDA and you build your own coils and wick your own cotton.
  7. You have been through most of the above, you buy new Mods and RDA’s often and maybe even build your own Clapton coils. You consider yourself well rounded and up-to-date with the times.
  8. You are a master of your vaping craft and vaping is your life.

When you have found which stage you are in, you should now choose how far you want to go.. Do you want to become a master builder, Mod and RDA collector who builds his/her own coils or do you want to stay within stages 2 to 3 or stages 4 to 5? The majority of people now a days usually work their way up and stay within stages 4 and 5. The main reasons why is because they feel comfortable, it is easy maintenance, they get a decent amount of vapor and flavor and they don’t have as much to learn as the people that are in stages 6, 7, and 8. Where ever you choose to go with vaping is completely up to you and you shouldn’t feel judged, embarrassed or less competent if you want to stay in the stage you are in. After all, the ultimate goal here is to quit smoking (if that’s what you use vaping for) or for you to completely enjoy it.

Most people will start with a eGo battery, Vision battery, Aspire Battery, etc. combined with an Evod tank, Aero tank, Nautilus, etc., like one of these two setups (below).

People wanting more vapor and more flavor will usually start or upgrade to these types of devices (below). They are Sub-Ohm devices. See “What is the difference between “Above-Ohm” and “Sub-Ohm”?“.

What device should I start with?

This is a question every single person who is now vaping has asked themselves. The problem is, there are so many devices that have so many different options, it is hard to make a choice. That’s why we recommend putting yourself in a category like I talked about (above).

If you are new to vaping, I recommend starting with a decent starter kit. What I mean by “decent” is, you should only get an authentic starter kit from a well known supplier that gets their products directly or indirectly from the manufacture. There are a lot of “clones” (fakes) in the vape industry and we recommend staying away from those. Even though they may be cheaper and look the same, they aren’t the same, and in most cases you never know what you are going to get. It could even be dangerous because you are dealing with lithium ion batteries (see battery safety). There are two types of starter kits these days, “Above-Ohm” starter kits, and “Sub-Ohm” starter kits (a few pictures of those types of kits are on the left).

What is the difference between “Above-Ohm” and “Sub-Ohm”?

This is a very common question because it is important to know for safe vaping, and it is also one of the most confusing parts of vaping. To put it simply, “Sub-Ohm” vaping gives you more vapor (larger clouds), more flavor, warmer vapor, and in most cases a more enjoyable experience than “Above-Ohm” vaping (depending on your build).

Choosing juice for Sub-Ohm vaping:
Since Sub-Ohm vaping vaporizes juice faster, you are able to use juice with about half the nicotine and still get the same experience as a high nicotine juice in an Above-Ohm device. These days, the majority of people who Sub-Ohm Vape use 3mg or 6mg nicotine juices. The majority of people who Above-Ohm Vape use 12mg or 18mg nicotine juices. One thing to note, the less nicotine the more flavor/PG/VG is in a bottle.

Above-Ohm or Sub-Ohm devices:
Most starter kits and pen devices/tanks are Above-Ohm devices. Sub-Ohm starter kits, box mods and mech mods are capable of going either Sub-Ohm or Above-Ohm. Most Above-Ohm devices and kits cost under $80, while most Sub-Ohm devices range between $50 and $200.

Safe Sub-Ohm Vaping:
Any vape/device accompanied with batteries can be very dangerous if you don’t understand what you are doing.